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We believe in the evolution of craft that still exists in the age old gullies of India and which in true context is the 'Luxury for the Rich’. India’s cultural identity is so deeply rooted in its vast textile tradition that as most of the modern world seems to be severing its links with the natural and organic processes of textile production, the Indian sub-continent still retains a hold on many of its ancient clothing traditions. Hence our journey "Return to Roots" will take you into the hidden treasures of the East that are uniquely influencing both life and style.

With love for handicrafts and passion for revival of Indian Embroideries and Textiles, Damini Kapoor with a Bachelor’s Degree in Design launched AMIZRA in 2015, amalgamating the finesse of old royal embroideries with innovative designs. “I have admired all things vintage and classic since a very young age. During the final year of my degree, .the topic of dissertation was ‘Return to Roots’- A Study of Embroideries and Textiles of Royal India. Since that day I was determined that this research will not be something compiled just for records but something that in true sense would love to bring to life someday. But the first experiment happened when after being married for 2 years I realized that something was missing, something I always loved to do was nowhere near. By some chance, after getting married I travelled a lot. From some really big cities to merely the gullies of Hindustan. That’s where it all started all over again www.gullytoramp.com. Once a dream as a college girl took an entrepreneurial turn.”

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