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The team of AMIZRA with its sole mission "Return to Roots" will take you down through the lanes of rural India where those magical hands work to give your closet its most priced possession. We will take you on a magical journey that will revive your love for Indian Embroideries and Textiles. And Our journey begins.........................




Miliestone 1- PUNJAB

The term Punjab comprises two words : "Punj"meaning Five and ''ab"meaning water, thus land of five rivers.

Embroideries of Punjab:


Phulkari embroidery technique from the Punjab region literally means flower work, which was at one time used as the word for embroidery, but in time the word "Phulkari" became restricted to embroidered shawls and head scarfs. Simple and sparsely embroidered Odini (head scarfs), dupatta and shawls made for everyday use are called Phulkaris, whereas garments that cover the entire body made for special and ceremonial occasions are called Baghs ("Garden") and scattered work on the fabric is called "adha bagh" (half garden).


The Sindhi hand embroidery work shows a delicacy and refinement that can only be the result of court patronage. 

Even though Sind is no longer a part of India, no work on Indian Embroidery can be complete without mention of the handworks done in Sind. The Sindhis who settled in India after the partition of the country brought their embroidery tradition with them and it is now as much a part of Indian embroidery tradition as any other.


A knotted stitch is any embroidery technique in which the yarn or thread is knotted around itself. Common knotted stitches include French Knots and Coral Stitch. This form of hand emnroidery is practiced by some rural ladies in Punjab and it involves a lot of dedication and the results are just spectacular.

Milestone 2-Uttar Pradesh

Abbreviated as UP,it is the most populous state in the Republic of India as well as the most populous country subdivision in the world.

Embroideries of Uttar Pradesh:


In Persian 'Zar' means gold and 'dozi' means embroidery.Zardozi is a sect of hand embroidery,which is a very special gift to the world from the Persian people.The most opulent form of Indian embroidery is the Zari and the Zardozi.The Indian state of Uttar Pradesh is the home to this finest work of gold and silver embroidery. Zardozi embroidery is mainly the speciality of Agra and Moradabad.It is basically a heavy and more elaborate embroidery work that uses varieties of Gold,Threads,Spangles,Beads,Seed Pearls,Wires and Gota.It is used to embellish wedding outfits,heavy coats,cushions,bags,purses,belts and shoes.The material on which this kind of embroidery is done is usually Heavy Silk,Velvet and Satin.



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